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Wardrobe Styling services

Becoming beautifully put together by Marjory Brifil

Award Winning Wardrobe Stylist

Image Concierge Services



My goal is to help you reach your personal and business image goals by creating an appropriate, but stylish -- high-impact, and memorable presence. We know how to operate within the boundaries of the proper corporate protocol while simultaneously creating a classy yet inventive appearance.

I take a “holistic” approach, helping you remain true to who you are. I consider your tastes, preferences, and ideals while also endeavoring to maximize your potential, complementing your natural look, and your body type with the right clothing, tailoring, accessories, and personal grooming guidance.

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Define your look with our image concierge services.. Wardrobe styling curated to meet your unique needs with high-level definition styling services.

Here's my approach:

  • Wardrobe Evaluation

  • Closet Organization

  • Personal Shopping

  • Online Styling

Provides all styling services for individual clients from one month up to one year


Image Questionnaire must be completed prior to booking.

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