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What do you think of Marjory?

"I met Marjory in the mall and after our initial conversation I knew that she would potentially have some sort of impact in my life, I just wasn’t quite sure what that impact would be.  Her spirit was very upbeat, warm and inviting.  She possessed an infectious smile and it was during our very first conversation she shared information about a bible study she attended.  Since I was new to Charlotte I was open to attending and welcomed the fact that I met a sister in Christ.

After a couple of run-ins at the mall, I learned that Marjory had provided some counseling in the past and started to focus more on image/styling but at the time I was more intrigued about her styling services.  We set up time to meet on a Saturday morning to discuss my wants as well as my needs and it was in that conversation that Marjory realized that I needed to do some inner work before she helped me revamp my style.  I thank her for that!

I learned a lot from Marjory especially when it came to my professional development, she truly helped me move the needle.  Her coaching style was very different than what I experienced in the past.  Marjory pushed me outside of my comfort zone with her very “straight forward” approach and ultimately helped me learn how to properly set goals.  She would tell me that I needed to be very specific as I identified my goals and even more specific on how I planned to accomplish those set goals. 

Marjory was a pleasure to work with and I always enjoyed the fact that she stayed true to herself and kept God at the forefront of our conversations! "


"As I was preparing to launch my business, I turned to Marjory for advice on how to define my image and brand. Through the fit session and closet assessment, Marjory really showed me how to shop in my own closet and find my style using the great pieces I already had. Marjory also encouraged me to embrace my authentic self by wearing my hair natural. After working with Marjory, I felt really confident about owning and settling into who I am as a powerful professional and business owner. Marjory is very professional and I highly recommend her to those looking to refine their look.” 


“Styling is more than just aesthetics, it’s about taking the best inner you and reflecting it on the outside with confidence. This is exactly what Marjory provides for each of her clients. It was during a career transition I sought Marjory’s services. She provided a detailed one on one consulting session and nailed the look I was going for. Along with the resume, professional experience and interviewing skills, I had a confident look from head to toe. Marjory is attentive and is great at picking out pieces that are versatile, that you can wear with a business skirt or with jeans. My first session was 3 years ago and still to this day I receive compliments from a jacket picked out by Marjory.” 


“Marjory spoke on Executive Presence at an event I attended a few weeks ago. I was inspired by her presentation, and her ability to command and captivate the room. I had to work with her! Marjory exemplifies the principles she teaches— she is stylish, approachable, and personable. She gets to know your goals and helps you attain them. Taking a holistic approach; she not only works with your physical image, but she ensures alignment with your spiritual and mental beings. This approach helps your professional life, but impacts your personal life as well. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their personal image and well-being.”


“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marjory for close to twenty years. She has always demonstrated high standards in performance and execution of tasks. She has developed into a major talent as a Human Capital and Professional Development professional. She did me the honor of presenting as the Keynote Speaker at our Annual Management Retreat titled “Unleashing your Potential “. She left an indelible impression on our supervisory staff and was asked to join our Training Department. She graciously declined to further her development of her Imaging Consulting Practice. She currently serves as Executive Image Strategist expert where she leads executive training sessions, provides executive coaching. Marjory combines extensive experience in social services with her original research exploring the impact, image plays in our social standing, personal and professional leadership. She helps executives identify their blind spots thereby creating a better version of themselves. I have attended one of her Imaging presentations and found it imminently helpful in developing my professional image. 

I would recommend Marjory unreservedly as a professional development strategist, image consultant and human capital management professional.”


“Marjory is a truly gifted coaching and personal branding strategist. Her focus and commitment to helping her clients discover how to exude and embody the absolute best versions of themselves, is inspiring. I had the pleasure of working with Marjory as I was stepping into a new role as President/COO. I appreciated Marjory’s straight forward approach and commitment to pushing me beyond boundaries I hadn’t even realized I set for myself. Her method of patience coupled with focus and genuine warmth gave me the boost and guidance I needed to take my personal brand and executive presence to the next level.”


“The decision to work with Marjory as my image strategist was one of the best investments I have made, especially from a professional standpoint. Her willingness to understand your personal style parameters, yet push you beyond them in a manner that helps you stay true to your authentic self is brilliant. She’s equipped me with the foundation and the tools to better understand and develop my personal brand in order to ensure that I always reflect it... Fabulously!”


“I met Marjory through a mutual friend at a child’s one-year birthday dinner party. I had a positive experience working one on one with Marjory. She was very positive about her ability to help create a new me and enhance my attributes. She was always enthusiastic with a high energy level. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. I am now always receiving compliments on everything from attire to hairstyles to eyeglasses. Strangers now approach me and comment. Colleagues (who have never spoken to me) comment. 

I was transformed as reflected in the eyes of others while still feeling very much myself. I feel very good today. I am confident that I am always looking my best. By taking just a few minutes to think about “the look” I want for the day or the occasion, I nail it every time. By using the tips from Marjory, I feel good about how I look, whether I am dressed up or “dressed down”. The most amazing thing is that you don’t have to invest in clothes or shoes or hair, just invest in Marjory whose services will make all the difference!” 


“We met at the subway on my way to work, you look “stunningly distinct from others”. I was curious what do you do for living, you gave me your calling card after explaining that you work with people develop their leadership and professional image, that’s the start. My experienced working with Marjory is a simple approach that defines who you are and gives you a way to see yourself to follow your dreams at whatever stage of life you are in. 

It gives an insight on what hinders you in creating the life that you want. The experience I had with Marjory impacted my life on how I see myself following the things I wanted to do in life by starting living your dreams with that image. One thing important I learned is choosing the right dress “size” for myself, this gives me the know how in creating the image I wanted to project without hesitation.” 


The most wonderful thing about working with Marjory is that her guidance comes from a place of genuine authenticity and a true desire to make sure you are exhibiting the best version of yourself while pushing the boundaries of what you believe that to be.

When I started working with Marjory, I was in the process of transitioning to the role of President within a non-profit organization. Marjory helped me realize that to do that successfully, a key goal was that I needed to upgrade my personal brand. Initially, I was very resistant to some of her recommendations, because I felt I was in a “laid back environment” and didn’t want to be “too polished” in comparison to the rest of the staff. She was having none of that.   That’s the great thing about Marjory - she advises based on what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. Her work helped increase my self-awareness about the image I was presenting in the workplace and in the world.

I put my trust in her and in her experience and I was not disappointed. By taking her feedback to heart and incorporating her recommended practices, I was able to develop an image that spoke volumes about me as soon as I stepped in the room. But beyond that, our work extended into the arena of professional development. Marjory’s coaching helped me boost my professional confidence to match the external presence we crafted for my personal brand.

My work with Marjory has continued to pay dividends as I embraced my ultimate goal to become an entrepreneur. As CEO of my own business, I frequently call upon the lessons I learned from Marjory to ensure I always present myself and my business, beautifully. 


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marjory. My main reason for reaching out to her was to get pointers on a couple of new outfits. What I got was much more. She personalized my closet reorganization and created a capsule closet defining my wardrobe. Because of her empathetic listening, she was able to pinpoint other steps that would lead to greater success beyond my wardrobe.I look forward to working with Marjory in the future. " 


"During my transition from working for a corporation for 23 years to launching my own business, I knew I needed help. I’m so thankful I turned to Marjory. She gave me advice on how to break my old habits in order to become my authentic self. Yes, she coached me through creating a new image, but working with her was so much more than that. During our sessions, she helped me refine the way I dress, speak and present myself. She gave me great business advice and is a master networker who connected me with other amazing people she knew I could learn from personally and professionally. She was also a positive force who showed me how to pursue my dream with beauty, grace, style, and kindness. I’m still a work in progress, but I owe so much of my success to her. I highly recommend Marjory to anyone who refuses to settle and instead wants to take their life to the next level. "

 OLIVIA FORTSON, Publisher of the O Report

"Marjory is an outstanding leader. She is highly effective and profoundly influential. She encourages others to shine and be their very best!" 


"Marjory Brifil is an outstanding and highly accomplished image strategist for those seeking high impact in their professions. I'm in the business of developing leaders -- individually and as entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.


I travel internationally and also appear regularly on television, and in video productions. I am also frequently photographed giving speeches and interacting with clients. My clients are among the most successful in the world. Needless to say, I must be conscious of my appearance and presence.


While consulting with her firm on another project, I asked Ms. Brifil for her view on how I might achieve a more creative, modern, and edgy look reflective of the breakthrough ideas I espouse as an entrepreneur and bring to entrepreneurial companies.


She provided clear and concise recommendations -- actually proposing subtle adjustments and wardrobe choices, that were easily implemented and resulted in a stylish update of my preferred classic look. Many of my clients have enthusiastically expressed admiration.


I highly recommend Ms. Brifil to those seeking guidance from a fervid advocate of polish and style, and whose thoroughly informed guidance will provide an extraordinary and highly finished professional appearance." 


"Marjory provides keen insight and has spectacular problem-solving skills. She has the unique ability to cut through the clutter in difficult moments and find the right solution. If you are fortunate enough to work with her you will not be disappointed." 



Marjory provides keen insight and has spectacular problem-solving skills. She has the unique ability to cut through the clutter in difficult moments and find the right solution. If you are fortunate enough to work with her you will not be disappointed.


Working with Marjory has been one of the best decisions I've made. I reached out to Marjory to help me take my professional look to the next level. Her approach is straight forward and personable, working not only on the outward appearance but the inside as well. Her coaching has given me the confidence I needed to be successful in my new role. I highly recommend Marjory to anyone looking to improve their personal brand and take their career to the next level.

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