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Gentlemen Styling Services


Ms. Brifil hallmark defining cutting-edge looks; an appearance and ensemble blending tradition and classic elegance with modern sensibilities.

  • Send a message with your look

  • Create an “upscale” presence

  • Project “Authority”

  • Separate yourself from the crowd

  • Convey that you’re always ready to take charge.

Gentlemen here are the rules of engagement.

The essence of a man is to look exceptional by creating a powerful look. A powerful look means living by the Rules of Power.

  • Power is not random.

  • Powerful people know what they are doing.

  • They plan.

  • They study.

  • They associate themselves with other powerful people.

  • Powerful people are bold.

  • Powerful people are fearless.

  • Powerful is no non-sense.

  • Powerful people know that there look matters.

Form the habit 👔 and add touches #acces

Styling the Quintessential Gentleman


Coaching Questionnaire must be completed prior to booking.

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