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Meet Marjory

Marjory Brifil is the founder of the Evoking Change Consulting Group LLC. Her hallmark is defining cutting-edge looks; an appearance and ensemble blending tradition and classic elegance with modern sensibilities. You will learn and understand the importance of always being  “beautifully put together,” she is skilled at bringing my exquisite expression of style, innovation,  and passion to create a “finished” look for my clients, opening up brand new worlds.​​

My Firm’s primary focus is to evoking change in the lives of people. My coaching aims to equip both men and women with a fresh new perspective of leadership and transformation equates to great success.

From a personal and professional level working on a few key points: executive image, leadership styles, executive behavior, strategic thinking, and emotional competence, dealing with ambiguity in an ever changing the global market.  


Additionally, I combine extensive experience in social services with my original research exploring the impact, image plays in our social standing, personal and professional leadership. 


Believing there is a profound shift taking place globally in terms of lifestyle, education, and technology, I recognize the social and psychological needs of our society have never been greater.


I bring solid credentials to my work with a Masters of Social Work from Adelphi University.


"I help those who are distinctive in their profession develop and create an extraordinary persona."

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