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Style Concierge

  • Provides all styling services for individual clients from one month up to one year.

  • Long-term worry-free access to our service.

  •  Packages provided are:

        * Wardrobe Evaluation  

        * Closet Organization

        * Personal Shopping

        * Online Styling 

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Personal Shopping

  • Modernize your closet even further with new apparels that complement the items you already have

  • Add new looks and items that will complete your wardrobe

  • Ultimately, with your new and existing items we can create multiple new outfits 

Image Roll-Out Strategy

  • Available styling from anywhere

  • If your schedule do not align or a last minute event comes up

  • We can FaceTime or Skype to provided styling services for any event 

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Image by Jeremy Beadle

Men's Styling

A powerful look means living by the Rules of Power

  • Power is not random

  • Powerful people know what they are doing

  • They plan

  • They study

  • They associate themselves with other powerful people

  • Powerful people are bold

  • Powerful people are fearless

  • Powerful is no non-sense.

  • Powerful people know that there look matter

The Rules of Power

  • Send a message with your look

  • Create an “upscale” presence

  • Project “Authority”

  • Separate yourself from the crowd


Convey that you’re always ready to take charge

Wardrobe Assesment

  • Services provide a full detailed evaluation of your current wardrobe

  • Breakdown the 'yes', 'maybe' and 'absolutely not' of your closet

  • Assess each piece of clothing and create new looks with what you currently have

  • Demonstrate how to wear certain pieces

  • Assemble three separate stylish looks, (casual), (work) and (evening) 

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