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Marjory Brifil

With over 24 years of experience in human resources, talent development, organizational development,
academic executive leadership, non- profit management and talent development. I am the founder and
principal certified executive coach at Evoking Change Consulting Group LLC. I hold a masters degree in
clinical social work and multiple certifications in executive, relationship, and organizational development coaching.

My mission is to empower senior-level leaders and

C-suite executives to lead with purpose and impact.

I use a holistic and transformational approach that incorporates psychometric assessments, emotional
competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strategic planning. Let us turn your professional visualization into a reality.



change management
life coach
Exec coach

Our goal is to explore the key categories of human development by helping you identify your “blind spots.” By creating an image strategy, they will present a better version of yourself.
Working on a few key points:

  • Leadership styles

  • Executive behavior

  • Strategic thinking

  • Emotional competency

  • Dealing with ambiguity and changing global market



My role is to drive the emphasis upon holistic development through exposure to a variety of management competencies.

My coaching aims to equip the client with the skills to make broad-based improvements at both a personal-professional and an organizational level. Working on a few key points: executive image, leadership styles, executive behavior, strategic thinking, and emotional competency, dealing with ambiguity and change management with an ever-changing global market.  

Ms. Brifil combines extensive experience in social services as a clinician, with my original research exploring the impact, image plays in our social standing, personal and professional leadership. Believing there is a profound shift taking place globally in terms of lifestyle, education, and technology, Ms. Brifil recognizes the social and psychological needs of our society have never been greater. Exploring the key categories of human development that companies can embrace to develop stronger leaders.

Evoking Change Consulting Group LLC- Boutique Leadership Development Firm.

Let Us Create a winner in you!

"I  help those who are distinctive in their profession develop and create an extraordinary persona."

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